Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mentega ! Mentega !

"Mentega ! Mentega !"

Jeritan Azfar (4+tahun) & Rahman (2+tahun) kira-kira 5 tahun lepas dengan penuh kepelatan, sambil berlari-lari di sekeliling rumah memegang "Eeendela ! Eeendela ! "

Foto bendera adalah ihsan Appliedlanguage Blog .

Pesta Merdeka di Dataran Shah Alam 2005

Uqbah keletihan menyaksikan perbarisan Merdeka di Dataran Shah Alam 2005 - terjelepuk di atas jalan.

Cuba teka ?

Cuba teka siapa saya ?

Saya dan rakan-rakan saya cuba mendarat ...

Di Tanjung Puteri , Pasir Gudang, Johor Baharu

Dan kami pun bermalam di Villa 258 - 4 bilik tidur dan 4 bilik air ... dengan bayaran Rm380.00 (termasuk sarapan untuk semua) ... sebab Mak kerja "kapalterbang" lah dapat diskaun Rm100.00 , kalau tak kena bayar Rm480.00

Cantik kan Villa ini ... rumah idaman.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Masked Man




Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Football anyone ?

Goalkeeper "remaja" ...Ayoh Din aka Cikgu Din.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

RASA-Charity For The Pleasure of Allah

The visit to RASA (Rumah Aman Shah Alam) was looooong overdue. At last, I was "induced" by Cik Yat on Saturday 6th Aug '05.

This week gang - Hasnah&Ilman, Rusiah&her two angels, Maziah, Fazidah as well as Yati of Tadika Anugerah. Familah couldn't make it but she send 20 packs of party pack to "menceriakan majlis". Click here to see more photos hosted by Shutterfly .

The place is easy to spot ; Lot 2A, Jalan Bunga Cempaka 2/11, Shah Alam - in front of WetWorld Shah Alam, a castle-like yellow building near the Sekolah Menengah.
The gate is always locked, you've to call the number displayed on the front wall and ask permission fm Umi Mai to enter.

Basically it is a BOY ONLY orphanage. It is run by a non-profit and non-political organisation. The trustees of Rumah Aman are Abdul Rehman Dakri, Ismail Ahmed Dakri and Datuk HMS Manan Md. Said.
They are affiliated with Our Home: Rumah Aman an organisation registered with the Charity Commissioners in United Kingdom. Their registration number is 1102689.
You can visit to know more about RASA.

Currently they are 7 boys aged fm 4-6 housed there. RASA is in "recruitment" drive to help more needy orphans. The boys stayed and schooled at the same place. Umi Mai and a few other helpers stayed full time with the kids.

Happenings of the day :
We arrived there around 415pm. Umi Mai greeted us and we proceed to the kitchen where the boys were having their tea accompanied by a regular volunteer Puan Mala.
We waited for the others to arrive one by one and finally Cik Yat who arrived with her 2 boys.

Cik Yat gave us a quick tour of the classroom (oops Azfar forgot to take the classroom photo),

mini library (i)

mini library (ii). The book racks on the left are still empty - Do Donate Books :)

the toilet --- cool !!!!

kitchen & dining area


After the brief tour, it was time for Asr prayer. Azfar joined the other kids for prayer. The "excited-mother" gang prepare for the Mini RAIST in the adjoining leisure room.

Mama Hasnah started the session with the Bismillah song from I Look I See CD.

Then Mak Ninuk sang the "Ikan Emas" song and we proceed with reading 2 books - SPOTS (Sunshine) and Mak Menti & Pak Batik (Arus Intelek).

Other mothers helped to "cool down" some of the kids who got excited easily.

We wrap up by giving out the party pack from Famillah as well as Maziah.

Do contact Cik Yat ... 03-55190107 / 016-284 0046 / email

a) if you are interested to contribute books
b) if you can contribute TLC (tender loving care) to the boys by spending 1-2 hours with the boys as volunteers of any sort
c) if you know of anyone who can benefit by being housed at RASA

InsyaAllah, my gang of "excited-mothers" will be arranging more visit to RASA. Stay tuned ya !

More photos are hosted by Shutterfly at :

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bude Nia's test entry on ~Uqbah~

Hi ! I am Uqbah ... Babah ... Wan Muhammad Uqbah !
I've just finished my shower.
Bangun tidur ku terus mandi,
tidak lupa menggosok gigi ...

My hobby range from melalak to bersolek depan cermin, as evidenced from these photos. It is ok for me to melalak-lalak for the new few years until I turn 5 or a little sister/brother arrive to this world, whichever come first.

My latest "hook" is watching VCD nonstop ! Heaven on earth !

Monday, August 01, 2005

We can't do everything but we can do something

Sunday trip pusing-pusing di Setapak Garden.
More pictures are available here
Che Dah, Hasnah, Hasnita, Elin (fm Subang2) and me make a quick decision on Saturday to drive jalan-jalan cari ABNI on Sunday. We need to deliver the collections from Saturday Readaloud sessions ASAP. Alhamdullilah, ada kelapangan on Sunday so we decided to settle this business :)

ABNI, is a house that accomodate orphans, children fm single parent homes who needed extra help as well as Orang Asli children who need additional care. The house is managed by Sarimah Ali (Sarimah Ali 03-40222404 / 019-2519082).
There are 50+ kids in the schooling age, boys and girls. Previously their "house" is at Kampung Bandar Dalam, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.
To be more organized they are in the process of moving the children to a "better" location. The girls are now housed at a single storey corner house at AQ1, Jalan Bakubang, Setapak Garden. In fact Sunday when we visited, is the 2nd day of moving. The house is a rented house at RM1500/month.

The trip for us has not been smooth sailing. Since they are also new to the area, the direction given by Ustazah Sarimah is a bit blurr blurr ... dekat Pej Pos Gombak, ada pasaraya Ong Tiang Kin, ada Sek Agama ... anyway, with Yong's help (Elin's cousin) we managed to find the house. Nita coming from Setiawangsa had a better luck since she used the Roadmap and found the house easily :)

In the mean time, the boys are still staying at Kampung Bandar Dalam. They are hoping to get a better "location" as well for the boys.

What do we manage to collect ?
> Cash RM1900 : donations (BJresidents, Latifah Subang Bestari collection, Yeanti's, zakat), proceeds fm charity sales of Lempuk Durian (Yeanti), Kid's towel (Shafinaz), serunding daging (Elly) , cool t-shirts (Mama Nita) and books (Shaiful Azhar))
> a few CarreFour bags of "new undergarments for the girls" *quick thinking of Mama Nita*
> a few CarreFour bags of munchies
> 2 Oddesey medium loading of used clothes, shoes and books
> a pack of meehoon

Special thanks to my virtual UKS friend Farah, who stayed back after the Readaloud&Storytelling sessions and helped to do the donations sorting, she came alllll the way from Meru, Klang.
Not much comparing to the huge need taking care of 50+ kids, but hopefully it is the beginning and many more kind hearts and souls will offer their care continously. Alternatively you can donate directly via AM Finance no. 2272021000327 .

Mama Nita reading "The Cruncher" this month :)

The generous contributions for the refreshment during the Saturday RAIST sessions also worth a mention, Suzana (Umi Sihabudin) for the donut, Ina of Jln Serambi for the satay and drinks :)

Mama Rusiah also read a book about Orphan this month ...

May we meet again soooon for the next month sessions.