Sunday, January 28, 2007


This weekend is the 2nd weekend that we shop at T3sc0, for a change from the normal trip to G14nt.
There we meet Aunty L1z4, our Hira' car pool partner. She suggest that we buy this Arrowhead, which is selling at RM2.38 per kg. "Benda ni ada masa CNY je, better you try, i masak goreng je, buat macam french fries tu, jadi ngako fries" .
Out of curiousity we bag a kg of this "China Ngako" as the T3sc0 display tag calls them. I am sure the Chinese would cook it more than just as "fries" since I see a Chinese family "borong" nearly 10kg of this Ngako.

The whole plant look like this ...

Goggling, I learn more about this Arrowhead, Chinese Arrowhead/Chi Gu/corms/water potato/Alismataceae ... or if you are still not yet overwhelmed by the many names, try the scientific name Sagittaria sagittifolia L. /(S. trifolia L. Var. sinensis Makino).
From my goggling, I will make a safe assumption that I can treat it like potato.

And Lifestyle suggested cooking is as follow :
Peel outer skin until white flesh is exposed. Remove and discard the shoot. Fry or boil either whole or sliced to remove bitterness. A little sugar may also be added to balance the flavour. Add to braised meats for final cooking, or boil until tender.

As for me, ahhaaaaa new thing to try in the kitchen, not that I am very good in kitchen anyway - but I am in charge so I need to create variety.
I will let you know the Arrowhead adventure in our kitchen, later this week.
Interesting menu for this week !

p/s: photos are downloaded and uploaded by #1. He's brushing his computer skill, sikit-sikit. Senang je, tapi asyik gabra je.

Photos and explanation are from >>

1) Singapore Science Center

2) Lifestyle Food

Does it rhyme ?

Azfar ... Abang Paa ... Tupai ...
Does it rhyme ?

Monday, January 22, 2007

She Did It !

I don’t normally follow the singing industry, but I make a few exceptions like for this lady … She do have “t*rlalu istim*wa” voice.

In fact I bought her CD complete with her signature lagi !
The news now is that Terlalu Istimewa is the Juara Lagu for 2007 (AJL2007) and she won the best vocal ! She deserve it to the very bit. H*z*m* & M*sh* sure tak frust nonggeng coz' they lost to the "more" deserving one .

And I’m so happy for the winning !
Ishhh macam kita pulak yang menang hadiah .
Go to her official website to congratulate her ...

Terlalu Istimewa
Lagu : Azlan Abu Hassan
Lirik : Adibah Noor
Ku tatap gambar wajahmu
Sinar mata itu
Lirik senyumanmu
Pesona yang membelai
Wajahmu bercahaya
Memberi bahagia
Tiap yang memandang
Hati jadi salju
Kau terlalu istimewa
Kasih dan sayangmu terpancar
Tiada batasan terus membara
Terkilan rasa jiwa
Inginku lihatmu dewasa
Apa daya
Tuhan menyayangimu
Ku pasti kau berbahagia
Duduk di sampingNYA
Mendengar cerita
Segala rahsia
Tak tertanggung rindu
Mendengar suaramu
Tawa mengusik jiwa

Thursday, January 18, 2007

High Day - Tomorrow

Monday, Jan 15th, after picking up the kids at school, we quickly have lunch and prayer.
Pakcik H*s*in, our family cabby, arrived promptly at 4pm. Me, #2, #3 and #4 left for Midvalley. We went to MV to make the Misc payment, which amounted to beribu-ribu juga.
By 445pm we arrived at the Midvalley and walk around to find the office. After 2 false directions, we found the place.
Handover the money and was asked to wait for a while. Within 10min, the clerk returned with the official appointment letter.
430pm - 19th Jan 2007.

So tomorrow will be the appointment day . The High Day.

High because we're excited !
High because we're going to go quite high ... 13th floor !

Gayat laaa ...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I am the Y2K Baby ... starting school ...

Getting ready for school. Please ignore the messy wall behind me !

Start with a smile !

An "ompong" smile ... what to do ... I am among the normal 7 year old kids ... losing baby tooth at this age.

My seat at Tahun 1 Ruqayyah, Sri Hira' , Batu Belah, Klang

"Perhimpunan" Practice

To adjust the row, use your arm ... arm length distance from your friend.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ap3x :
Al Sof1 : Equity ; 28/8/04 ; (07 : 29.86 ; 06: 22.48 ; Cum : 49.17) ;
Al Faiz : Balanced 28/8/03 ; (07 : 45.30 ; 06 : 20.61 ; 05 : -8.69 ; 04 : -1.76 ; Cum : +67.75)
Dynam1c Fund : Mixed 18/5/06 ; (06 : 25.31)

PiM :
PiGBF - 23 January 2007
Pi1ADF - 3 April 2007
Pi1DF - 14 February 2006
Pi1TTIKAL - 10 April 1997
Pi1EF - 28 May 2003
Pi1OF - 28 June 2005
PiA1F - 22 August 2006
Pi1BF - 20 September 2005
PiGSF - 28 September 2006
Pi1EBF - 28 November 2006

PiB :
PiB1AEF - 8 January 2007
PiBADF - 8 May 2007
PiB1EF - 5 September 2005
PiBGF - 3 October 2002


inaz - dal1 (ihsan) - equ1ty growth .