Sunday, November 18, 2007

Look whose photo I found !

A house visit from Kak Zainy, Abg Sham & Aiman, sometime back in Aug 2002.

Lagi-lagi Babah

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cap Teko or Cap Senduk or Cap Kuali

I subscribe to an e-group which is founded by two ex-collegues. Often I voice my opinion on certain matter or respond to a certain email with my view, which sometimes "melawan arus"

Zu call me this afternoon to inform me that there are some members of that e-group have asked her if i belong to a certain party and expressed their "suprise".
They even probe further which school my kids go to.

Woow ! I am "teruja" to say the least, that people out there label me with an inaccurate label. Not that I care what people think of me, but it's interesting how people draw conclusion as they wish to perceive.

To me personally, I am politically conservatively-alert, although not savy enough. I do care what's happening politically but rest assured I am not partisan. To me political is beyond partisan. Politic has big impact in our life as a family unit as well as a member of a society. The most formal political training that I've was 20+ yrs ago - a Political Science 101 class during U days. That's it.

If I say Project XYZ is a good one, no matter which party drive the project, then factually Project XYZ is good because it benefit the community overall. We've to give credit whenever it's due, irrespective of the party, Cap Kuali, Cap Teko or Cap Senduk.

I am blessed with harmonious friends, who might have different political belief but we always have a view to see fact as fact and filter the emotional baggage. I always try to avoid friends who are "taksub-parti".

So dear readers, noooo I don't belong to any political party. I side with whoever bring good to the community !

p/s: i like colors blue, pink and green color - purely from the "sedap mata memandang" angle - not based on the political party color.