Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cabinet has spoken ... RAS back to MH

Oh my oh my ... ding dong decision within a year or so, and interestingly 2 weeks after a view was aired in the media.

Dear our ever efficient Minister ... tak makan nasi ke ?

RAS - rural area service. "belon" services to rural areas in Sabah and Sarawak.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

Kunjungan Pak Asri

Rumah BJ di kunjungi Pak Asri (kanan) dari Pulau Lombok, Indonesia.
Isteri Pak Asri, Astuti , ialah murid Eyang , zaman-zaman di Bandung dulu.
Pak Asri teman arwah Epep dan menurut beliau pernah berkunjung ke rumah Ibu di Maleer IV, Bandung.
Suddenly ... all memories of living at Maleer rushing back to my mind. Hmmm ...
Eyang is the 4LittleWan's grandmother.
Epep is the 4LittleWan grandfather.
Ibu is Mak's grandmother.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yin ... Lost ... and not found yet

If you by any chance know the whereabout of Muhammad Nazrin or Yin please contact the City police by sending an SMS to POLISKL at 32728 or call 03-21159999 or the nearest police station.
The parents, and the whole nation now, have been searching for Yin since he went missing during the family outing at S0G0. The fateful day was Saturday March 31. Which mean he has been missing for more than 10 days now !

Now, don't start with ... it's the fault of the parents' ... syok sangat shopping ... anak lupa ! If you're going to write that, just save yr time .

Things do happen. Tak caye tanya
Ms Gartblue ... and I do have my share of panic moments (which seems like years) of losing my active boys. All these events do not make us less of a parent wokey !

My worst experience was back in Feb 2006 when LittleWan#1 ran away from his Tahfiz, all the way from Shah Alam to KOTA RAYA. Oh well, that will be another entry all together ... esok-esoklah. Suffice to say, a kind hearted Pakcik Teksi found him wandering around and offer to send them home. Lesson learnt - force your kids to memorize all family members' phone number.

Now it's not the time to point fingers. Rather do help to look around and pray for Yin's safety.

I count my LittleWans tonight. All 4 of them are in front of me, watching Ultraman on the box.
Silently counting my blessing that all my kids are safely within my eye sight.

And my prayer to both Shamsul Ghazali and Nur Amizah Ahmad.

Where ever you go, please look around.