Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Duuuhhh I have a confession here.

I want to think myself as a more practical mother than one that is imposing.

So after a few rounds of argument with Ayahanda and also the LittleWan1 himself, we have agreed to let LittleWan1 "skip" school after his UPSR and completed all his SPPM/MUSLEH test like Oral Arabic test, Tajwid etc.

LittleWan1 argue with me that "nothing to do at school".

The routine after all the exams (UPSR & SPPM/MUSLEH) is an alternate day of Indoor and Outdoor activities, where Indoor means being in the class with some "board games" and Outdoor means "football".

So he offer himself a deal, he'll go to school on alternate days. And on the days he's home, he has a predetermined list of house chores to do, like wash the car, mop the floor, wash the dishes and even helping her Lek Wangi (aunty) marking KUMON papers. He can only play the computer game after Zuhur prayer where he is expected to walk to the Masjid for Jamaah. And at night, he'll continue his post-khatam classes.

Yes, MsSavina - i am true and true MissChecklist. And this one no need to fill up "exemption form". Kiranya ni low risk issue le. Warna yellow je.

I think I am OK kannnn , for allowing him to skip school.

Afterall, as he said, "nothing to do at school".

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ayat-Ayat Cinta - The Movie and The Book (pdf version)

MsSenyumSelalu, who is normally the latest to leave office, make a remark that today she's leaving office earlier than normal because she want to make sure she watch AAC - the movie on TV3.Must be such a great movie for her to break her routine.

So last night, after the "driver" shift hours and dinner, I park myself in front of the tube and tell the LittleWans, tonight the tube is "mak punya". Ha ha ha ... there you go, I watch Ayat-ayat Cinta the movie.

Not end-to-end though. As usual, there are always errands to attend in between ... nak gi toilet ngan mak jugak-jugak, nak mak jugak-jugak buat air, and ayahanda calling me to help drafting a document and many other in between errands. All in all, i think i watch about 60% of the movie.

After finishing the movie, i found for the electronic version of the novel by Habiburrahman El Shirazi at http://www.isnan-nur.web.ugm.ac.id/ayat_cinta.htm#j20 . He'll now be in my radar of writers along with HAMKA.

Overall it's like the Nabi Yusof a.s. story, whom were adored by multiple women, got jailed because of woman ... partly story line AAC jugak.
And also like the story of Khadijah, a rich woman who married Prophet Muhammad s.a.w .

Hmmmm ... the few scenes that stays with me ...
a) the jail scene where Fahri's cell buddy was teasing him for not being able to concentrate and the remarks like ... you're Al Azhar's student but can't pray, do you pray only when you're in trouble.
b) the jail scene where Fahri's cell buddy was telling him, Allah "sedang bicara sama kamu, mengingatkan kamu jangan sombong" (this scenes are done very well in the movie but none in the book version)
c) the jail scene where Fahri's cell buddy was telling him the story when Nabi Yusof a.s. was jailed, yet Nabi Yusof "sabar dan ikhlas"
d) the hospital scene where Maria is dying and saying something like loving and owning is two different thing - cliche but never been proven wrong (this script was not in the book version)

The few movie scenes that's mind boggling to me ...
a) that Aisha is the one who go everywhere to find evidences, heyyyy where's the defence lawyer (this is different than in the book)
b) that Maria suddenly "wake up" after the kiss on the head, rugi je le ubat-ubat doktor tu semua yea, at least buat2 le slower recovery ke apa
c) that every lady falls for Fahri, ala bagi le chance kat cowok-cowok yang lain jugak sikit, kasi real sikit (at least in the book, it tell Nurul finally going to marry another "good" muslim)
d) that final scenes, Fahri keep asking Aisha to call the nurse. duhhh bukan ke si Aisha tu pregnant camne pulak nak lari-lari call the nurse. Mamat Fahri tu le lari panggil doktor & nurse. and also bukanke mak nye si Maria tu doktor kat hospital tu, apasal tak muncul ? (in the book it was explain Maria's mother was asleep on the sofa and no running around calling nurse scene)

The most intelligent, sensible and realistic character in the movie is Aisha. She's the private investigator and she's the one figuring out the only way out of jail for Fahri is to get Maria to recover and be the defence witness. She cried when it's natural for woman (as a wife) to feel during the most hurtful moment of her life. She sacrificed her feeling for the chance to free her husband from jail.But in the book version, Aisha's role as PI is not that much.

No question on the songs in the movie though - good ones.

The novel version is definetly more "ummph". And I finish watching the movie and reading the pdf version of the book, all in one night.

I think the movie ok jelah.
The book is good though. I prefer the book version also because in the book version Nurul is also happy, at least trying to be happy married to Mas Khalid ! yea !

Another good Indonesian movie on Islam is Di bawah Lindungan Kaabah with Christine Hakim as the leading actress.

Ok taadaaa ... nak gi beraya pulak.

Short comment from LW2 ;
LW2 - " orang tu baca Surah Maryam tak de tajwid lah Mak "
Me - ye lah, dia bukan org Islam dia tak belajar tajwid lagi. (in my heart, peka jugak telinga LW2 bab-bab tajwid)