Monday, July 31, 2006

31st July 2006

Today is the day , that is yet another major milestone in my working chapters.

My 2 friends, who happen to be my ONLY staffs, are leaving the M** under the Separation Scheme.

So what does this mean to me ?
Food wise - eat eat eat !!! We hv series of farewells (read eat-eat) in the last 5 days. The group farewell at Paya Serai, then I** Durian & Rambutan feast, then The Division farewell with really good Thai Food on Friday. And this morning, the office Nasi Dagang & Cake eat-eat.
Personally, for them, I am happy and wish them all the best. Yes RMMMM (and lots of RM) does not guarantee happiness, but RMMMM (and lots of RM) does give room to pursue other interests in life. And it does give room for some "peace of mind".
And there are opportunities if they want to pursue other careers, within the same line or different line.

Work wise ---- I will be the one doing the 3 persons job, with the help of one contract staff. So what will that mean to me .... ha ha ha ... ask me in a month time.

Oh well ... wish me luck ... and I think I better start my "ganti puasa" .

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Crystal Sabah Love For RTAR@TI

My virtual friend, Taty is selling Crystal Sabah.
She is pledging for every buy a portion will be donated to Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah Teluk Intan (RTAR@TI).
Why is she passionate about RTAR @ TI ?

Apparently Taty's family is from Teluk Intan. Taty is now in Sabah following her husband. Taty is still interested to extend her helping hand to RTAR @ TI eventhough she is kilometers away. And walla walla she has very good craft skill and she put it to good use by designing such beautiful accessories. And her kind heart make it possible for her to allocate a portion of the sale proceed to RTAR @ TI.

To view and purchase Crystal Sabah and be part of the Charity Drive do visit / 019-3583209 . Or email Taty at .

To know more about RTAR@TI do visit