Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Duuuhhh I have a confession here.

I want to think myself as a more practical mother than one that is imposing.

So after a few rounds of argument with Ayahanda and also the LittleWan1 himself, we have agreed to let LittleWan1 "skip" school after his UPSR and completed all his SPPM/MUSLEH test like Oral Arabic test, Tajwid etc.

LittleWan1 argue with me that "nothing to do at school".

The routine after all the exams (UPSR & SPPM/MUSLEH) is an alternate day of Indoor and Outdoor activities, where Indoor means being in the class with some "board games" and Outdoor means "football".

So he offer himself a deal, he'll go to school on alternate days. And on the days he's home, he has a predetermined list of house chores to do, like wash the car, mop the floor, wash the dishes and even helping her Lek Wangi (aunty) marking KUMON papers. He can only play the computer game after Zuhur prayer where he is expected to walk to the Masjid for Jamaah. And at night, he'll continue his post-khatam classes.

Yes, MsSavina - i am true and true MissChecklist. And this one no need to fill up "exemption form". Kiranya ni low risk issue le. Warna yellow je.

I think I am OK kannnn , for allowing him to skip school.

Afterall, as he said, "nothing to do at school".

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ayat-Ayat Cinta - The Movie and The Book (pdf version)

MsSenyumSelalu, who is normally the latest to leave office, make a remark that today she's leaving office earlier than normal because she want to make sure she watch AAC - the movie on TV3.Must be such a great movie for her to break her routine.

So last night, after the "driver" shift hours and dinner, I park myself in front of the tube and tell the LittleWans, tonight the tube is "mak punya". Ha ha ha ... there you go, I watch Ayat-ayat Cinta the movie.

Not end-to-end though. As usual, there are always errands to attend in between ... nak gi toilet ngan mak jugak-jugak, nak mak jugak-jugak buat air, and ayahanda calling me to help drafting a document and many other in between errands. All in all, i think i watch about 60% of the movie.

After finishing the movie, i found for the electronic version of the novel by Habiburrahman El Shirazi at http://www.isnan-nur.web.ugm.ac.id/ayat_cinta.htm#j20 . He'll now be in my radar of writers along with HAMKA.

Overall it's like the Nabi Yusof a.s. story, whom were adored by multiple women, got jailed because of woman ... partly story line AAC jugak.
And also like the story of Khadijah, a rich woman who married Prophet Muhammad s.a.w .

Hmmmm ... the few scenes that stays with me ...
a) the jail scene where Fahri's cell buddy was teasing him for not being able to concentrate and the remarks like ... you're Al Azhar's student but can't pray, do you pray only when you're in trouble.
b) the jail scene where Fahri's cell buddy was telling him, Allah "sedang bicara sama kamu, mengingatkan kamu jangan sombong" (this scenes are done very well in the movie but none in the book version)
c) the jail scene where Fahri's cell buddy was telling him the story when Nabi Yusof a.s. was jailed, yet Nabi Yusof "sabar dan ikhlas"
d) the hospital scene where Maria is dying and saying something like loving and owning is two different thing - cliche but never been proven wrong (this script was not in the book version)

The few movie scenes that's mind boggling to me ...
a) that Aisha is the one who go everywhere to find evidences, heyyyy where's the defence lawyer (this is different than in the book)
b) that Maria suddenly "wake up" after the kiss on the head, rugi je le ubat-ubat doktor tu semua yea, at least buat2 le slower recovery ke apa
c) that every lady falls for Fahri, ala bagi le chance kat cowok-cowok yang lain jugak sikit, kasi real sikit (at least in the book, it tell Nurul finally going to marry another "good" muslim)
d) that final scenes, Fahri keep asking Aisha to call the nurse. duhhh bukan ke si Aisha tu pregnant camne pulak nak lari-lari call the nurse. Mamat Fahri tu le lari panggil doktor & nurse. and also bukanke mak nye si Maria tu doktor kat hospital tu, apasal tak muncul ? (in the book it was explain Maria's mother was asleep on the sofa and no running around calling nurse scene)

The most intelligent, sensible and realistic character in the movie is Aisha. She's the private investigator and she's the one figuring out the only way out of jail for Fahri is to get Maria to recover and be the defence witness. She cried when it's natural for woman (as a wife) to feel during the most hurtful moment of her life. She sacrificed her feeling for the chance to free her husband from jail.But in the book version, Aisha's role as PI is not that much.

No question on the songs in the movie though - good ones.

The novel version is definetly more "ummph". And I finish watching the movie and reading the pdf version of the book, all in one night.

I think the movie ok jelah.
The book is good though. I prefer the book version also because in the book version Nurul is also happy, at least trying to be happy married to Mas Khalid ! yea !

Another good Indonesian movie on Islam is Di bawah Lindungan Kaabah with Christine Hakim as the leading actress.

Ok taadaaa ... nak gi beraya pulak.

Short comment from LW2 ;
LW2 - " orang tu baca Surah Maryam tak de tajwid lah Mak "
Me - ye lah, dia bukan org Islam dia tak belajar tajwid lagi. (in my heart, peka jugak telinga LW2 bab-bab tajwid)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Idul Fitri mood starts

The fire that cook the lemang
Jeruk on display
Yummy village manggo (mangga kampung)

To kick start the Idul Fitri mood, we went back to Cik Ngoh's house in Dungun last weekend. As the ritual has been, we'll do a stop over at Kijal to "borong" Lemang Kijal from Kak Ngah & Kak Nab.

Favourite Lemang Stall - rich and soft lemang always and not to mention MUROH SOKMO. For the many years, the price for even the most "fat" lemang never exceed RM2.50. This year the price range from RM3.00 to RM1.50 per piece. Not that bad comparing to Shah Alam prices and not mention the "exclusive" Lemang Kijal taste.

The LittleWans shopping and posing in front of the Lemang stalls.
Baju Raya Mr and Mrs Brown. Dah siap ! My kebaya material is so the very soft, viscose cotton. I have to remember the name of the fabric for next round of shopping kain.

This year Baju Raya - Ayahanda's and mine - are ready much earlier than the LittleWans. I picked up Ayahanda's baju melayu from the tailor the weekend before the start of Ramadhan. The tailor rate nearly choke me but after looking at the finished product and also the promptness, I think it's worth the money. 3-4 years ago we had this nightmare when baju melayu Ayahanda was not ready until 30 min before we left for KT. What make it worse was that the tailor make us go to his shop 3X before we got to pick up the suit. Tensionnnn nye. Tobat dah tak gi semule ke dia tu.Earlier today I pick up my kebaya raya from Wati. Punya le excited nak raya . Suprise suprise my baju kebaya tailoring cost is 10% of Ayahanda's tailoring cost, which is the same rate that Wati (my tailor) has been charging me for the last 5 years. Apparently, Wati has made a number of new customer, some of them are from my referral.

Kalah baju LittleWans yang masih di tukang jahit, somewhere kat KT. This year Baju Raya - Ayahanda's and mine - are ready much earlier than the LittleWans. I picked up Ayahanda's baju melayu from the tailor the weekend before the start of Ramadhan. The tailor rate nearly choke me but after looking at the finished product and also the promptness, I think it's worth the money. 3-4 years ago we had this nightmare when baju melayu Ayahanda was not ready until 30 min before we left for KT. What make it worse was that the tailor make us go to his shop 3X before we got to pick up the suit. Tensionnnn nye. Tobat dah tak gi semule ke dia tu.Earlier today I pick up my kebaya raya from Wati. Punya le excited nak raya . Suprise suprise my baju kebaya tailoring cost is 10% of Ayahanda's tailoring cost, which is the same rate that Wati (my tailor) has been charging me for the last 5 years. Apparently, Wati has made a number of new customer, some of them are from my referral.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ramadhan Menu

Ever since the boys start sahur-ing 3-4 years back, their must have sahur menu has been

Nasi Planta + Telur Matahari Planta + Kecap Manis ABC or Kecap Manis Bangau

Kering tempe + kentang + bilis

This year, I managed to add variety to the favorite sahur menu list. Nasi Kuning Berlobak Merah (carrot - kalau cakap Inggeris, wortel kalau ngomong bahasa Indonesia) which I pick up from this book.

Halimah Shuib's Masakan Tradisi Johor

Base recipe is according to the book but I modify according to house availability of the raw material :

1kg beras (basmathi better or not-basmathi pun ok)
1/2 kg lobak merah (potong dadu)
100 gram kunyit hidup (tumbuk & ambil air)
1/2 kg santan (can be replaced with low fat milk, i think, for those with health reason)
3 helai daun pandan
1.5 batang serai diketuk
3 sk serbuk ketumbar
2 sk jintan manis
2 sk jintan putih
daun limau purut (ni tak de dlm buku, sendiri tambah sebab kat pasu belakang tu ada pokok limau purut)

* sk = sudu kecil

1. Rendam beras yang sudah dibasuh di dalam air kunyit selama 15 minit, kemudian tus.
2. Masukkan beras dalam periuk, santan dan air ikut sukatan beras, lobak merah, daun pandan, serai dan segala serbuk di atas, jangan lupa garam.
3. Masak nasi seperti biasa.
4. Semasa menghidang boleh tambah bawang goreng.

Halimah's version of Nasi Kuning

My version : not following the exact recipe. I add daun limau purut. Nampak tak kat atas nasi tu ?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Uninvited Guest - Guess Who ?

Who am I ? hmmm a familiar phrase ...

I am busy "doing" the boys hair for the last 3 nights to get rid of the uninvited guest.
Having all boys I never thought I would ever have such a problem. I am proven wrong.
LW2,3 and 4 now having the crew cut.

tidur malam dengan kepala berbungkus sebab pakai ubat A-LICES

The positive thing about this is that we do have fun in the bathroom with the hair/head washing session every night and morning.

This time the attack is not as bad as the scabies attack in 2006.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Apa lagi kalau bukan pasal bola ...

MBJ United will be hosting a frenly soccer match to Subang Jaya Youth Football Club (SJYFC) at our Bukit Jelutong Football Field on Sunday, August 3rd 2008 at 8.30am. This is part of our preparation for the PNSB Junior Football Carnival

All trainees are required to be at the field by 8.00am wearing the red/white match jerseys. To the new trainees who had just joined us recently, u may @ encouraged to purchase the match jerseys (jersey/short/socks) by having ur own kids preference number and names at the back of the jerseys. Please reach me for the matter.

Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Coaching Director


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ekoran dari kenaikan harga minyak baru-baru ini, pengusaha van tadika Uqbah sudah menaikkan tambang sebanyak RM5.00 .
Maka langkah drastik telah di ambil iaitu membeli basikal supaya Bibik Tri dapat menghantar dan mengambil Uqbah dari tadikanya.
Ini langkah yang baik kerana pengangkutan yang lebih fleksibel juga membolehkan Uqbah mengikuti kelas tambahan membaca selepas habis waktu rasmi tadika.

Yeaaaa ... pandai maknya.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Artichoke anyone ?

One of the office mokcik, from now on will be referred to as MokTiChoke, seems to be extremely fond of artichoke. There was a season where she seems to be so yearning for arthichoke but she couldn't find it anywhere in her home country.

Coincidentally at that time, it was Nov 2007, i was in sydn3y on duty travel, with a gang of mokcik kiah from the office and one pokcik karg0. On the last 2 days we were in Sydn3y, MokTiChoke, sent us an emergency SMS asking us to bring home arthichoke. So all of us went round and round Sydn3y trying to find the artichoke for her. To no avail. We went back to the office without the artichoke.

Being an employee to an airline company, within a few days, another mokcik went to Zur1ch for holiday and without fail, MokTiChoke also "kirim-ed" with the going-to-Zur1ch mokcik. At that time it was in December - where got lah artichoke, but being a true friend the going-to-Zur1ch mokcik did try her best to find the artichoke.

From then onwards, everytime there is anybody "naik kapal terbang je" for sure MokTiChoke will "kirim". And being in the airline, there will always be someone from the office on duty travel. The pattern of "kirim" went on and on and on for months until June 2008 when finally MokcikKenalSemuaOrang went to Amsterdam and successfully brought back THE ARTICHOKE.

So like this lah rupa dan rasa artichoke ni ...


testing is nothing

Cherries anyone ?

Why am i changing the blog url and my user name ?

Beats me ... i also don't know.

Anyway, me and my lunch buddies went out to Subang Parade (SP) and we found a fruit stall in the middle of SP. Ahaaa they sell juicy cherry RM50 per 1kg ! Waduh, mahal banget.

Irregardless of the price, I bought 24 cherries for RM10.00 and RM15.00 worth of wine grape.

Now i feel like having more and more and more cherries ... yummy yummy

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bola bola bola

Please be advised that MSA @ MBJ United will be participating in the above competition scheduled as below :-
Date - August 9th (Saturday) - U8 & U12
- August 10th (Sunday) - U10 & U16

Venue - Mini Stadium,

Seksyen 13, Shah Alam (next to Shah Alam Stadium)
Time - 08.30am - 6.00pm

Your kind cooperation in confirming your kids' participation into this tournament is very much appreciated. In the process of giving each and every trainees an opportunity to pariticpate, we will be entering more than one team in each category.

Therefore your kind support in contributing in cash and kinds are very much welcomed as the cost to the competition is RM150 per team per category (RM900.00) :-
Under 8 - 1 team
Under 10 - 2 teams
Under 12 - 2 teamsUnder 16 - 1 team

Thanking you in advance for your kind support and cooperation and I personally look forward to your kind confirmation latest by Friday July 18th, 2008 (via email @ sms).

Best regards, AZMAN HJ EUSOFF

Coaching Director0193955929


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bola bola bola

Dimaklumkan bahawa MBJ United/Mans Soccer Academy akan mengambil bahagian di dalam pertandingan tersebut di atas pada 19hb Julai 2008 (Sabtu) bertempat di Taman Rekreasi Pudu Ulu, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Pertandingan ini akan dimulakan pada jam 8.30pagi.

Bagi tujuan ini, kerjasama Tuan/Puan amatlah dihargai dalam mengesahkan penyertaan pelatih-pelatih yang terpilih untuk pertandingan ini.

Senarai nama pelatih yang terpilih ialah :-
1. Muhamad Muqri Dini Mohd Azizi
2. Arief Fikry Nasaruddin
3. Muhamad Rasyhad Mohd Badri
4. Amir Zafri Abdul Razak
5. Amir Zakwan Abdul Razak
6. Mohd Azwar Abdullah
7. Muhamad Nur Iqram Kamarulzaman
8. Shafiq Irfan Shahabuddin
9 Wan Abdul Rahman Wan Azhar
10. Muhamad Khalid Yahya Ramlan

Sila sahkan penyertaan mereka pada kadar yang paling segera.

Terima kasih. Salam hormat,

-Mans Soccer Aademy

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sentiasa Di Hati. Dahulu, Kini & Selama Nya 2008

What is life without our friends from the past - who choose to stay evergreen.

Majlis sirratulrahim kita kembali lagi!
"Sentiasa Di Hati. Dahulu, Kini & Selama Nya 2008"

Gambar-gambar dari gatherings tahun-tahun lepas.
2006 Gathering (at Hazali's house): http://mummy-n-girls.fotopages.com/
2007 Gathering (at Safiah's house): http://picasaweb.google.com/safiaho/BBQGathering23Jun2007

Majlis "Sentiasa Di Hati. Dahulu, Kini & Selama Nya 2008" pada tahun ini akan diadakan di kediaman Puan Miza & Encik Riz di

No. 2, Jalan Putra Bistari 2/1M, Putra Heights (GPS: 3° 0'47.41"N, 101°34'45.76"E),

pada hari Sabtu 28 Jun 2008 pukul 3 petang.

Ribuan terima kasih, kepada Puan Miza sekeluarga yang telah sudi menyumbangkan tempat untuk majlis kita. Seperti biasa, majlis kita adalah terbuka kepada semua ahli keluarga dan teman-teman. Oleh itu, kita amat berbesar hati sekiranya semua yang hadir akan datang bersama suami/isteri, anak-anak, teman, pembantu rumah, malah bersama ibu bapa.

Jangan malu, jangan segan, adalah diharapkan ini akan menambah kemeriahan majlis.

Hati gajah sama di lapah, hati kuman sama di cecah. Untuk juadah dan hidangan, kita akan lakukan secara "Pot Luck". Harapan kita supaya juadah dibawa, adalah dalam jumlah yang sederhana, untuk mengelakkan pembaziran.

Sila balas email ini untuk menyatakan kehadiran anda dan keluarga/teman dan nyatakan juadah yang akan anda bawa - secepat yang boleh.

Pergi ke kedai membeli gula,
Singgah sebentar di kedai permata,
Menanti masa bertemu semula,
Menambah erat hubungan kita.

Singgah sebentar di kedai permata,
Permata asli cantik kilauannya
Menambah erat hubungan kita.
Semoga ikatan kekal selamanya

Terima kasih di atas sokongan anda.

Senarai Undangan: Cik Aemi Nadia .En. Ahsan Mukhtar sekeluargaEn. Almahdi sekeluargaPn. Awin sekeluargaEn. Azhar Rahim sekeluargaEn. Fahmi sekeluargaPn. Hanim sekeluargaEn. Hazali sekeluargaPn. Herni sekeluargaEn. Jamal Khir sekeluargaPn. Julee sekeluargaEn. Khairul sekeluargaCik Maisara Jamaludin .Pn. Mazurah sekeluargaPn. Miza sekeluargaEn. Muhammad Adam sekeluargaPn. Nadia sekeluargaPn. Ninuk sekeluargaEn. Nizam .Cik Nora .Cik Nur Idamilia sekeluargaPn. Nurazah sekeluargaEn. Roslan sekeluargaEn. Ruzaini sekeluargaPn. Safiah sekeluargaEn. Salleh sekeluargaEn. Shaari & Zila sekeluargaCik Siti Balquish .En. Suhaimi sekeluargaEn. Tarmizi sekeluargaCik Ulya .En. Ungku Malik sekeluargaCik Wan Rokiah .Pn. Wan Sabrina sekeluargaPn. Yanti sekeluargaEn. Yusri sekeluarga

Soccer and more soccer

Dear Parents & Trainees,

Kindly be informed that MBJ UNITED will be playing a soccer friendly against PKNS Football Academy scheduled for SUNDAY, JULY 6TH 2008 at the PKNS Sports Complex, Kelana Jaya. The match will be involving the U8, U10 and U13 age categories and will kick off at 8.30am. Kindly be at the field by 8.00am. Trainees are required to come with the red/white match jerseys for the match.

To all parents, bring your BREAKFAST to the venue and lets have them together with our children. Its time for parents to be by the sideline and cheer our young lads. Its also time for us to get to know each other better. Parents who wish to contribute snacks and drinks are very much welcomed.

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Director of Coaching


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Directions vs Ingredients

I've received an email titled ... "BERHATI2 - TOM YAM SET MENGANDUNGI BAHAN BABI (PORKCRACKLING) DIJUAL DISUPERMARKET" . I bet some of you have also received similar emails.
With the email there are a few photos of the package. The email infer that this brand got "pork" as the ingredients.

While I wanted to believe that the originator of the email has only good intention to "warn" others, i do feel the obligation to correct what is wrong because if it's not corrected it can fall under fitnah, and for some of us who "happily forwarding" this email without bothering to validate, we can be part of the fitnah contributor. As muslim we should not exercise fitnah to anyone, irregardless of the other party belief, be it religion, politic or even other life preferences.

Rusiah, one of my observant neighbour has pointed out the mis-interpretation. If you care to validate information, do spend time to actually zoom and read carefully ...

The word "pork cracklings" is listed under the Directions and NOT Ingredients. Therefore, it can be concluded that the tomyam paste is pork free.

My londong speaking is not that excellent, but enough to understand the difference between Directions and Ingredients.

All said and done, I do not personally use this "MAE PRANOM" brand and have not seen one in my neighbourhood shops that i frequented.

Jangan terkeliru !

Travel: G’Day mate, happy shopping

Hmmm need to do this on another trip down under.


Travel: G’Day mate, happy shopping
By : Hizreen Kamal

All types of bags and shoes at further discount for Shopping Spree Tour members.

A visit to Melbourne is not complete without a Shopping Spree Tour, writes HIZREEN KAMAL.

Spoilt for choice when it comes to clothes and bags.

Have your pick of bargains.
MALAYSIANS in general are known for their love of shopping.

What better to top that other than the opportunity to shop abroad for that elusive bargain, and Melbourne, Australia, which lays claim to be the country’s shopping capital, is just the right spot to enjoy retail therapy.

When I was there recently on a trip courtesy of Tourism Australia, I had a chance to do just that, but with limited time and budget, I did not know where to begin.

Of course, there were popular shopping haunts such Myer’s and David Jones but I was sure there was more to the city than these glossy department stores and high-end boutiques.

I have heard a lot from friends who have been to Melbourne about the city’s best-kept secrets — the many factory outlets and designers’ sample sales, with most located in the outskirts of the city.

Since many are not exactly on the city trams’ route, getting to these places would require one to either self-drive (looking for parking lots can be a hassle), or get into a taxi (which can be a little expensive), as not all the outlets are located in a particular shopping area.

Let’s not even go into the possibility of suffering from sore arms and feet from lugging your purchases, after a day of retail therapy.

But thanks to Tourism Australia, a day of shopping was planned for me. I went on a shopping spree tour, managed by a tour company, which not only operates in Melbourne, but also in Sydney, aptly called The Shopping Spree Tours Pte Ltd.

Founded in 1981, the company has been looking after visitors to Australia for over two decades, specialising in fully escorted tours of Melbourne’s and Sydney’s best factories and warehouses, riding on its larger-than-life hot pink-coloured buses.

The Shopping Spree Tours has won the Koala Award for tourism marketing in Asia, and is a triple Victorian Tourism Award winner.

With approximately 75 per cent of the manufacturing sector of Australia based in Melbourne, I was excited as the company claims that it gives shoppers the best value shopping in the country.

Priced at AU$74 (RM222) for adults, AU$35 for children under 11 years and free for children under the age of three years old, there are six pick-up points in Central City to wait for the bus or coach.

Since I stayed at Oaks Hotel on Market Street, the nearest pick-up location is the Hilton on the Park, which is about five blocks away. So, I made my way there before 8.20am.

I was looking everywhere for the coveted pink bus, but to no avail, until I was greeted by a woman who introduced herself as tour guide Tracie Payne, 50, from The Shopping Spree Tours. She ushered me on board a waiting white coach.

“You must be wondering where our pink bus is today. Well, since we have a small group, we are providing the coach, instead,” she said, as if reading my mind.

Some may think it a tad too small to store their purchases, but it has a storage container on wheels, attached to the back of the coach for convenience. How clever!

“There are three things that Melbourne people like... coffee, food and shopping.

“Since you are all new to Melbourne, the tour will bring you to places that are quite difficult to get to,” Payne addressed some 20 shoppers on the tour.

Since ours was a small group, Payne specially designed a shopping tour based on what we were interested in, and since the majority were female shoppers who wanted handbags, lingerie, sports gears, leather goods and clothes, it was all systems go! (The male shoppers, who numbered four, could not exactly state their preferences since their mere existence on the tour was to accompany their wives.)

On the number of outlets the tour would be covering, Payne who has been a tour guide for slightly more than a year, said: “Well, it all depends on how quick the shoppers are, but the most we have ever covered was 15. So, remember, the faster you shop, the more discoveries you will get!” she said, to the shoppers’ delight.

Also included in the tour is a delicious two-course Italian lunch, and city sightseeing with commentary by Payne.

The tour began at 8.20am and ended about 5.30pm, and within that period the tour managed to cover 14 outlets, which I think is quite a feat. They are leather goods warehouse Sirrico in South Yarra, Peter Sheppard Footwear warehouse, popular clothing outlet Jag, Le Von Lingerie Factory Outlet, jewellery outlet Melbourne Jewellery Warehouse and chocolate outlet Hillier’s all located in Richmond.

Others include Bolle Factory Outlet, lingerie store Brands United and Nike Factory Outlet all located in Collingwood, Handbag Factory Outlet, clothing warehouse Extreme Limits and footwear warehouse Diana Ferrari Clearance Centre in Fairfield, clothing warehouse Beaches in Brunswick and Reebok Factory Outlet in Carlton.

On our journey back to the city, Payne gave out several items she had received from some of the outlets that the tour had covered. Since we were a small group, everyone was delighted when we each received an item.

Back in the city, the shoppers were dropped off at their pick-up locations, and I was the last to get off.

“I hope you have enjoyed the tour, and hope that you will come back again. We would love to see repeaters,” said the friendly Payne, before bidding me goodbye.

Lugging my purchases up to my room, I felt satisfied. The tour was convenient and comfortable. Imagine being free from all the usual shopping problems — traffic, parking, heavy parcels and aching feet, and being driven to all these great outlets with just shopping on my mind, and having a tour guide point out the specials and best bargain buys. It is like having a personal driver and an assistant!

The concept of Shopping Spree Tours is interesting and fascinating, and it is all about power shopping with the experts.

Whether you want fashion, shoes, handbags, leather, knitwear, home ware, watches, toys, chocolates or even electrical appliances, there will be something for you to spend your hard-earned cash on!

The best part would have to be the chance to shop at some of the best factory outlets, warehouses and clearance centres which are only accessible to this tour participants only. Further discount was given to shoppers on this tour.

Apart from The Shopping Spree Tours, there are also other companies who conduct similar tours. However, only the former operates year round, while the other companies run their business from September to year-end, a period Aussies named the “bus season”.

Melbourne is a fantastic shopping destination and the tour makes it a more memorable experience. It is all about hassle free, fun and entertaining shopping with bargains galore.

You just need to get on and off the bus. If you are a newbie in Melbourne like me, all I can say is that no visit to Melbourne is complete without a Shopping Spree Tour. So, let your self be escorted to these hidden gems, and buy to your heart’s content.

Reason to smile

2 days after receiving the letter

I got this

Happy happy happy day !

Friday, June 13, 2008

angan-angan is not costly ...

source :

Maxam Patchwork Lambskin Shoulder Bag Luxurious Leather Handbag at an Affordable Price
Posted on: May 26
This stunning patchwork purse from Maxam combines style and functionality.
It’s made from leather swatches in earthy tones stitched together in a contemporary geometric design. These patches are complemented by a braided tan shoulder strap in the same natural shades.
This heavenly handbag has been designed with functionality in mind. The interior is generous, with a zip top closure to keep your goodies safe. The front zippered pocket is the perfect place for stashing any items you need on hand.
With its classic brown and tan shades, this Maxam bag is so easy to pair with any item in your wardrobe.
More Features of This Maxam Lambskin Leather Handbag
Measures 13.5 x 10 x 4 inches
Weighs 1.2 pounds

Coach Wave Gallery Tote Bag | Cute and Colorful Suede Patchwork Purse
Posted on: Feb 20

This is the Coach tote for people who love the idea of patchwork bags, but find the mismatched designs too jarring. This wave pattern uses rich colored suedes pieced together for a stylish and subtle effect.

But this handbag doesn’t just look great. It’s also incredibly functional, with plenty of pockets with handy security features. There are two zippered pockets inside, and the exterior side pockets are fastened with turnlocks.

This colorful Coach creation is so popular it’s no longer available in stores, but you can still find these rare bags online.

Other Features of This Colorful Coach Tote
25 inch burgundy patent adjustable leather handle, with a 6-8 inch drop
Nickel hardware
A “D” Ring for clipping an accessory or keyfob
Leather zip pulls on interior pockets
Khaki large signature fabric lined interior
100% authentic Coach, with Coach creed and serial number
Measures 15 x 11 x 5 inches

Fidyah calculator

Fidyah calculator


Thursday, June 12, 2008

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~~~ i am sharing good bargain oppurtunity with friends ~~~~~~~~

Happy friend response1 :


How are you? Looks like you are also doing marketing for MAS? :)
I just booked MAS ticket to HKG today. I was searching like crazy in
"XYZ airline" and my sis-in-law found out MAS has cheaper tickets. I was so
surprise. Then I got your msg. Bot the ticket at RM533 (one way RM 99,
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a happy friend1

Friday, June 06, 2008

The Countdown Begins for LittleWan1

Submission of Science Folio : 10th June 2008
2nd Trial SPPM : 17-18 June 2008
SPPM (Sijil Penilaian Pendidikan Musleh) , similar to UPSRA(gama) : 26-28 June 2008
2nd Trial UPSR : Aug 2008
UPSR (Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah) : 9-11 Sept 2008

I am joining the crowd now, for LittleWan1 is going to sit for his sets of exams in a few "days" time. LittleWan1 will be taking the SPPM for Hira' is under this Musleh group. We are not putting him through the UPSRA since we do not plan for him to enter JA1S Secondary Religious School.
He's aiming for Sekolah Imt1az, specifically in Dungun. If he has to stay in boarding school, he wants to go to Imt1az Dungun, only. But he's reminded 1000 times that his chances are only good if he can clinch the 5As. Otherwise - no hope to be even considered.
His SPPM chance is not bright at all. So far, only manage to get 1As in his 1st trial.
Oh well ... we'll see how lah.

Friday, May 23, 2008

HUT TUDM ke 50

Photo : From TUDM website

I received this infor from a TUDM friend. Something for the school holiday.
For more infor click here .. http://www.airforce.gov.my/jubli-emas-2008/

TUDM akan merayakan ulangtahun ke 50 penubuhannya pada 1 Jun 2008. Sempena HUT ke 50, satu pertunjukkan udara dengan 50 pesawat TUDM (termasuk 21 buah PC-7 dari Alor Setar) akan terbang di ruang udara Subang dan Kuala Lumpur pada 1hb Jun. Di samping itu, satu pameran yang melibatkan semua pasukan TUDM akan diadakan di Hangar 20 Skuadron, Pangkalan Udara Subang pada 31 Mei dan 1 Jun 08. Pameran adalah terbuka kepada orang ramai. Kawan-kawan yang berminat, boleh bawa anak-anak untuk bergambar dengan pesawat-pesawat TUDM termasuk pesawat pejuang terbaru, SU-30MKM.
Pameran TUDM tu lebih kepada kerjaya sebagai anggota TUDM dari pilot sampailah kepada juruteknik pesawat. Tapi kalau minat nak jadi komando, boleh pergi ke gerai Pasukan Khas Udara (PASKAU).


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daughters of Arabia

God, a being that does not find sin in every human delight.

Daughters of Arabia - Jean Sasson

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hari Bomba ... bukan Hari Bonda

Something positive ... I've read somewhere Chief Police of a state has done similarly i.e. reading the kutbah.

OK now I know 5th May is Hari BOMBA ... errr Elisa ... bukan hari BONDA tau !



Sentral: Pegawai bomba sampaikan khutbah

SHAH ALAM: Lazimnya jemaah melihat imam berjubah ketika menyampaikan khutbah Jumaat tetapi baru-baru ini imam di Masjid Al-Hidayah, Seksyen 18, di sini, menjadi tumpuan apabila segak duduk di mimbar dengan berpakaian seragam pasukan bomba dan penyelamat sambil berkhutbah.

Penampilan Penolong Penguasa Bomba dan Penyelamat Subang Jaya, Abdul Rashid Hassan untuk menyampaikan khutbah Jumaat di masjid itu adalah sempena sambutan Hari Bomba pada setiap 5 Mei.

Ketika berkhutbah di hadapan kira-kira 2,000 jemaah, beliau berkata, sebanyak 4,486 panggilan kecemasan kebakaran direkodkan di Selangor tahun lalu dengan kelalaian manusia menjadi faktor utama kebakaran.

Katanya, tujuh kematian akibat kebakaran tahun lalu dengan taksiran kerugian RM292 juta manakala taksiran harta yang diselamatkan berjumlah RM1.4 bilion.

"Ini menunjukkan tahap kesedaran di kalangan masyarakat masih kurang. Kita mungkin mengambil sikap sambil lewa atau jalan mudah sehingga terlupa tragedi kebakaran.

"Justeru dalam menentukan tahap keselamatan, ibu bapa perlu memainkan peranan dalam memberi kesedaran kepada anak-anak mengenai bahaya kebakaran," katanya.

Abdul Rashid berkata, adalah menjadi tugas dan tanggungjawab umat Islam untuk menjaga harta benda serta nyawa kerana ia disuruh oleh agama.

Katanya, tugas anggota jabatan bomba dan penyelamat lebih berbahaya serta memerlukan pengorbanan masa, tenaga dan ada kala jiwa mereka sendiri terkorban demi menyelamatkan harta benda dan nyawa orang lain.

Sehubungan itu, katanya, masyarakat seharusnya menghargai pengorbanan dan jasa mereka.

Ketika ditemui selepas menyampaikan khutbah, Abdul Rashid yang juga imam pasukan Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Selangor berkata, ini kali kedua beliau berpakaian sedemikian ketika membaca khutbah bagi membolehkan penyampaian dilakukan lebih berkesan.

Katanya, ia perlu bagi menyedarkan umat Islam mematuhi nasihat bagi mengelak tragedi memusnahkan harta benda dan mengorbankan nyawa.

Abdul Rashid yang juga imam Masjid SS4, Kelana Jaya dekat sini berkata, teks khutbah Jumaat yang dibacakan itu sudah diluluskan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor.

MBJ United is getting busier by the week

updated May 14th 2008

With Aman and Aziz now joining the MBJ United, we are now a very busy during weekend family.


All matches will involved the U8, U10 and U13 teams and will kick-off at 8.30am.

May 4th 2008, MBJ United will host a soccer friendly against Kiddo Kickers.

May 11th 2008, MBJ United will be host to visiting Gen-Pro of Shah Alam.

May 17th 2008, Saturday - 8.30am - MBJ United will be playing another friendly match. This Saturday will be against our neighbour, Subang Jaya Juniors. The matches, involving our U8, U10 and U12.

Quadrangular in Malacca - MBMB Junior Soccer Carnival
May 24th - 25th 2008
The itinerary is based on the program distributed by the organizer.

May 23rd 2008 - Friday
18.00 - Parents & trainees report at the Straits Meridian Hotel,
Malacca (Tel : 062841166)
20.30 - Competition briefing and draw at Tun Fatimah Stadium, Bukit Serindit

May 24th 2008 - Saturyday
07.00 - Transfer from hotel to stadium
08.30 - Competition (Preliminary - League Format) starts
23.00 - Competition ends

May 25th 2008 - Sunday
07.00 - Transfer from hotel to stadium
08.30 - Competition (Knock-out Stage) starts
13.30 - Return to hotel and check out

Note : The competition will be held at 2 venues and we have yet to be
informed by the organizer out exact location for the matches. The 2
venues are :-
1. Stadium Tun Fatimah, Serindit
2. Stadium Hang Tuah, Hang Tuah

MBJ coaching is organized by : MANS SOCCER ACADEMY.

Monday, May 12, 2008

MBJ United vs Gen Pro and more weekend games !

Salam and greetings to all.
As the heat is increasing from week to week, the temperature is also getting hotter at the Bukit Jelutong Football Field. After an outstanding performance for the past two weeks, MBJ United is showing maturity and an improved performance and confidence. Sunday 11th 2008 at the Bukit Jelutong Football Field, MBJ United hosted another match and this time our guest is an experienced and much exposed team - Gen Pro of Shah Alam. However we are very pleased and proud with the performance showed by all categories.
Our U8 continue showing their supremacy by beating Gen Pro 5-2. Meanwhile our U10 put up an improved performance by drawing the match 1-1. The U12 team, despite losing to their more experienced opponent 2-3, they can still walk with confident after an improved peformance.

Saturday - May 17th 2008 - 8.30am - MBJ United will be playing another friendly match. This Saturday will be against our neighbour, Subang Jaya Juniors. The matches, involving our U8, U10 and U12.

The matches are arranged with the purpose of accessing and to gauge the strength of our U12 team, whom are preparing for an official competition to be held in Malacca on May 24th-25th 2008.

Several players, based on their current performance and quality were selected to represent Mans Soccer Academy in the competition which carries a cash prize of RM2.000.00.
Again to all parents, please fill-up the spaces, cheer the boys up and lets give them the support they needed.

Coaching Director

Sunday, May 04, 2008

MBJUnited vs KiddoKickers U8

Email update from the Director Coach.
Dear Parents,
It was another fun outing for our young heroes at the Bukit Jelutong football field. The Red kids came in style for the game with the U8 scoring a thumping win over our opponent with 8 goals to none. The nippy striker Nur Haziq Nur Misuari was the toast of the team scoring 4 goals. Meanwhile the U10 and U12 lost to their rivals. The U10 lost narrowly 1-2 while the U12 lost 2-4. Anyhow, result was not at all important but its FUN for our kids.
Thanks to all mums and dads who were at the sideline cheering the lads. Next week will be another match and this time will be tougher against the much more experienced Gen-Pro of Shah Alam.
The match starts at 8.30am at the Bukit Jelutong football field. Come out and lets out number our visitors.

Thanks and regards