Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Execuse me Sir, You're fired !

I never thought I will have to say that but after giving a month ++, I think I will not risk the Co's interest any further.

Nothing personal Sir ... while I value your skill in aud1t1ng area, but I do have to ask for your removal from this particular engagement.

I demand that your employer, who is currently our serv1ce provider, to send another personnel who can communicate.
So I can spend my time validating the content of the presentation and report, rather than playing "Mr Brown - Mind Your Language" role.

Me no speak Londong well but me can speak lah.
Me can say things in less than 12 words, me say. Me don't use too many words.
Me say "recommend" ... me not say "is found want1ng".
Me say "pa1n areas" me explain the problem, me not say what me see as observations.

Me say sorry to you Sir, but me have to put the Co's interest above all. Afterall it's the Co's money, not mine.
Execuse me Sir, you are fired.

p/s: I never thought I can be this harsh, but push me to the wall .. I got to do what I got to do.

Selamat Hari Merdeka

Semoga kekal dan makin harmoni dan makin murah rezeki ...

Cupcakes adalah hasil tangan Cik Pi, kawanku yang sangat kreatif !

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MyKids @ BJ

Even at 805am, the queue is already long.

Aman the footballer in the family.
Queueing since 800am.

2 from right are the boys from Cheras, next Aman. Small in size, big in spirit nevertheless.

Cantik tak baju MyKids ku ?

Ready ?

Aman didn't make it under 6 sec running 50m, but his spirit is to be admired. Cuba lagi tahun depan !

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Imran Ali Bin Ismayatim

This is not a "new arrival" announcement per se.
It's just that the owner of the blog is cleaning up her mailbox and found these pictures that deserve a place in the cyberspace.

Born 25th January 2006. Emergency operation birth weight 2.75kg.

Celotehnye laju dan kuat.... was slang kelate since he was born in Demit, KB, Kelantan but hve moved to Alor Setar recently.

Have to go and check his slang during this school holiday !

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sudah-sudah lah tu

Update :
Aug 17th : my own comment : have you hear/read it for yourself ? i have read the translation myself and be my own judge. the "emotional" newspaper and politicians out there are not my yardstick
go kelik-kelik here or

Aug 17th - PM says apology is OK but the law prevail. Let the law take it's own course. In the mean time, let us ponder why the reason for the "voices" and make this country a more "balanced" country ... shall we ?
Aug 16th - "Cabinet" by means of one of the minister - reject the Rapper's apology

The case of "Rude" Rapper should be close. His apology should be accepted.
It's an expensive lesson for him, and others, but I do not feel he deserve more "punishment".


Wednesday August 15, 2007

Student rapper apologises

PETALING JAYA: Student Wee Meng Chee, 24, who caused a furore here with his Negaraku rap video clip on YouTube, has apologised for the parody and will remove the video clip from his blog.

“It has taught me a lesson about the spirit of nationalism and race relations. As a Malaysian, I did not intend to shame the country or ridicule any religion.

Accept it: Chua (left) and Wee holding a press conference in Putrajaya yesterday after talking to Meng Chee about his rap video clip. — Bernama
“To end the controversy, I will remove the video clip from my blog and I hope other bloggers will stop distributing the video clip,” said the mass communications student at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan.

Meng Chee said he also did not have any intention of creating anti-government sentiments or fan racism by writing the song as he was loyal to the King and the country where he was raised, gained knowledge and given the freedom to develop his talent.

He said he wanted to return and contribute to the country.

“I am proud to be a Malaysian and my loyalty to my country has not wavered even though I’m now studying in Taiwan,” he said.

Meng Chee, from Muar, posted a six-minute video of a Mandarin rap number using the Negaraku as background and promptly came under fire for mocking the national anthem and making statements many found offensive.

MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek spoke to him yesterday on the phone for about 30 minutes in the presence of the boy’s father Wee Ann Hee.

“Meng Chee thought that using Negaraku (as background) was apt as it was the 50th anniversary of our independence,” he told reporters in Putrajaya, adding that Meng Chee was naive and did not realise it was a mistake at that time.

»To end the controversy, I will remove the video clip from my blog« WEE MENG CHEE
Dr Chua, who is also Johor MCA chairman, said the MCA had accepted his apology and urged all Malaysians to accept Meng Chee’s apology in good faith too.

He added that Meng Chee had already taken out his video from the Internet but other people had downloaded it and sent it out again.

“If we come down hard on every young man, there is no room for any creativity and innovativeness in this country.

“There should be room for dissent but this dissent must be within the confines of the country’s Constitution.

“He is a creative and naive young man who has not even finished his tertiary education; we cannot pass harsh judgements; he asked for forgiveness and we should be open-hearted,” he said.

The senior Wee, 47, who is a former singer and a judge in singing competitions, expressed his gratitude to MCA for addressing the issue.

Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin urged Malaysians to accept Meng Chee’s apology.

“He is still young. We should not be too hard on him but he should learn from this, particularly in handling sensitive issues,” he said, commending MCA on the way the party handled the issue.

Zainuddin hoped the people would not continue to harp on the matter as Meng Chee had already apologised.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Panglima warna-warni on stage

Aman singing at Karnival Keusahawanan SRI Hira', Batu Belah, Klang. Julai 2007.

New ray of hope ?

At the normal rate of Govt implementation, this might not happen in
my career-life-time, whatever year left for me now, but it might
happen for the next generation of Malaysian woman workforce.
But then again, the Govt might have learn from us to fast-track
implementation the "MyEmployer" Way. Imagine ... P4k L4h said to Naj1b ...
implement in one month time !
I never be "happier" to hear the one-month instruction.


KUALA LUMPUR, August 2 (Bernama) -- Women should be given flexibility in employment so that they can focus their attention on their families, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Thursday.

The deputy prime minister said the public and private sectors should look into providing flexibility for their women employees to stop working temporarily to fulfil their family responsibilities.

"Flexibility should be given for women employees to leave their service temporarily, for example, when they have just delivered their babies, and when the babies are older, they can re-join the service and continue with their careers.

"I find that many women want to quit their job temporarily to take care of their families but at the same time they don't want to totally leave their jobs either in the government or private sector," he told reporters after opening the Women's Summit 2007 here.

Najib said that giving them such flexibility would prevent an exodus of female workers from the employment sector to fulfil their family obligations.

He said the Public Service Department (PSD) would be asked to study the proposal before it is submitted to the Cabinet.

"I am not saying this as a decision ... but something which has to be studied in-depth and will be considered when the time comes," he added.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who was also president, when asked for comment, said all parties should view the matter seriously if they do not want to lose their workforce.

"I urge all companies to look at the issue more seriously because it is not only a women issue but a business, life balance is a business issue," she added.

She said companies which already had family-friendly policies had balance and studies showed that their productivity and profits were higher.

Shahrizat said it had become a world trend to have a policy which provide such flexibility to ensure optimum use of the workforce.

"So in Malaysia, we have no choice. As I said, both the government and the private sector must make preparations, its very important," she said adding that almost 36 per cent of the country's workforce were women.

The 2007 Women Summit, organised by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, is the fifth to be held. This year's theme is "Putting Women at the Heart of Development".

More than 2,000 participants attended the summit, which among others, seeks to find a balance between career and family towards formulating a public policy that is conducive and supports the paradigm shift on issues relating to women at work.