Tuesday, December 26, 2006

At a time to be jolly ...

Salary is NOT IN as usual despite the memo distributed last week on the early (by 22nd) deposit.
Some staffs do get SMS alert of the delay during the long weekend.
I don't get the SMS alert and also not alerted in any other way coz' i didn't check the balance during the long weekend.
Lucky for me, somehow someone pay her "long overdue hutang" so I can cover the "belanja pasar".

Apparently this is the first ever salary deposit hiccup for this Company with more than 20OOO staffs for the last 40+ years of its existence.
The "veteran" staffs keep mentioning of the splendid record of the 100% on time salary payment of the Company.
The internal team responsible for the task claimed that this is due to the centralized bank boo boo. But the ever sceptical employees perception is otherwise, the blame is on the new "HR" system ... "tu lah memang sistem lama tu jugak yang bagus, sepanjang sejarah M*S ni tak pernah gaji lambat masuk" ... me just smile and "angguk-angguk" every now and then, do not dare to disagree with a group of very emotionally dissapointed collegues. The most I can do is to offer to make some coffee or milo for the disgruntled collegues.

I do pity those who are celebrating their CHRISTMAS ... what an anti-climax ! Sedikit sebanyak pasti agak terjejas ke"excited"an menyambut Christmas. Although not as sad as the flood-stricken Christians friends down south.
BTW our emmdeee also celebrate Christmas. Hopefully his holiday celebration is not too badly ruin with the news of this boo boo.

Kut jadi masa nak raya kita, sure bengkek gakkk !

Anyway , selamat merayakan hari bahagia christmas untuk rakan-rakan Kristian dan selamat bercuti untuk mereka-mereka yang menghabiskan cuti akhir tahun . Semoga anda tidak menghadapi masaalah yang sama, kefutusan fulus, seperti kami, pekerja-pekerja M*S ...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Soccer Day

0723AM 11-23-2006 @ Breakfast table @ BJ .

SMS - Yr sons selected to play soccer this Sat 25 Nov at 8.30 am at BJ Padang. Tq. CE.

The #1 --- Abang kena main jugak ke ? Mmmm OKlah.

Azfar in light blue T-shirt and black track-suit.

The #2 --- Yeee .... bila Mak bila Mak ? Sabtu ... lambatnya Sabtu. Tak sabar Aman nak tunggu Sabtu.

Aman in RED

Good Job to Coach Sarjana & CE & Tadika Bahtera Ilmu. An appreciated effort from fellow parents and neighbours of BJ.
For the results and upcoming events ... please read the below email extracted from BJRA egroups. So BJ Mommy bloggers ... mau join itu Mommy Futsal ke ?

Dear Residents,

The friendly football matches this morning, organised by BJ Sarjana Football Team, was a runaway success. More than 80 children from BJ, Subang Jaya and Sungai Long participated. The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning. In the Under 12, Sg Long beat BJ 2-1, Under 10, BJ beat Sg Long 4-1 and in the Under 8, BJ was was held to a draw (2-2) by Subang Jaya. The matches was well supported by parents. Thank you to parents who contributed snacks and drinks for the children. Tadika Bahtera Ilmu also graciously contributed drinks and nasi lemak. Thank you.

To keep the children gainfully occupied during the school holidays and to promote family sports, BJ Sarjana Football Team will be organising a Futsal Carnival sometime in December. Besides the usual boys, this time we hope to raise at least two girls teams, two mothers teams and two fathers team. This Futsal carnival is opened to all residents of BJ regardless of their affiliation. Keep a look out for the date then.