Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pangkoh molek deh !

Be certain of your own conviction
Listen and read around what are the pros and cons argument
Digest facts and figures visible in front of your eyes

But come the day and the moment of truth ...
Listen to your inner heart and let it be guided by your conscience
Don't ever let your emotion rule
Coz' one cross DOES make a difference
Remember ... the lives of our loved ones are affected by those "in the office"

To those travelling out of town for voting, drive safely and "pangkoh" wisely.

Selamat mengundi !

For the last election, both Ayahanda and me excitedly travelled all the way back to KT to cast our votes. We felt strongly to make a statement with the vote.

This time around, looks like both of us are not going to vote. Ayahanda's travel plan is half way confirm, he might not be in the country for some time and as far as myself is concerned, i've changed my MyKad address to BJ address but I forgot to change my voting registrar. Somehow I thought this JPN and the SPR is integrated but I am wrong big time !

But in case Ayahanda's travel plan change, he'll want to vote back in KT and I guess I'll still make the homecoming trip along, but no voting for me. It will be lending my ears to the "cerite-ceriti" from my in-laws while eating the keropok lekor and sata.

So ... those who can vote - GO VOTE ! May the force be with you !

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Olala ... I can't be happier

Today I found the person, the one I've been hoping to meet ... for the last 13 years.
Albeit the encounter is only a virtual one via friendster, it's enough to confirm that what happened 13 years ago was fated for the best of my interest.

Olala ... I can't be happier !

Thursday, February 07, 2008