Friday, March 23, 2007

Cerita-ceriti musafir ke H0ng H0ng

Waduhhh ! Sungguh ku tak sangka aku ada "fan club" !

Kepada peminat-peminat setia blog saya yang begitu mendambakan cerita-ceriti musafir kami di H0ng H0ng ... maaf kerana lambat update . Makcik sekarang ini "in the radar and zoomed-in" , sangat teramatlah sibuknya.

Kerana fotopages adalah alatan yang lebih cekap, dari blogspot, untuk memuat-naik-kan foto-foto maka Makcik sudah memuat-naik-kan foto-foto musafir kami di sana ... kelik kelik ya ... Jumpa di sanaaaaa !

Sofa merah jambu yang unik di lobi ParkView.

Jejaka malaya mana pulak tu sesat di HongHong !

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Holiday-ing Part1 - the journey

Uqbah do behave this time. No "tawaf-ing" around.
The 4LittleWans enjoy the children's meal as well as the Inflight entertainment.
Meat spaghetti, croissant, nata de coco jelly, muffin, yogurts and fruits.

In the train from airport to Central Hong Kong. Sitting behind is the host - Pak De Mail.

Kanak-kanak riang, yang tak reti duduk diam.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Holidaying !

1st term school holiday starts today !

Mak and the 4LittleWans (minus Ayahanda) are suppose to board on the plane to

But ... we haven't packed our clothes ! Sempat ke ni ambik flight 930am !

Mak has been extremely busy (being under the radar and zoom-ed in some more).

Makcik sibuknyaaa tak terkata. Anyway, all the work can wait for now. What I've accomplished :

  1. Completed writing 3 surat saman to the naughty Pr0j3ct M4n4g3rs

  2. Initiated the work with L3g4l Counsel (cewahhh lepas ni i can talk like l4wy3rs olredi)

  3. Finalized the C0B1T training arrangement which will happen right after the holiday

  4. Completed 50% of the pr0c3ss m4pp1ng

  5. Initiated the great 2007 plan ! In KeyPiAii ni kena buat betul-betul

What need to be done while holidaying :

  1. Do that xfer-ing from 3xc3l to P0w3rP01nt (related to item5 up there) - malasnya

  2. Design that 1/2 day session with the b3lg1um guy - yang ini terlebih idea nak buat camne

So should I bring the laptop and hoping I'll get some nights on the computer ?

The appointed tourist guide has outlined many-many-many plans. Mak & 4LittleWans just follow and enjoy the Symphony of Lights