Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Breastpump Medela PIS .. yet another blessing in my life

Medela-PIS-original ... my other blessings in this life ... among many. PIS applied the Natural Expression™ which is the only research-based breastpump technology that mimics a baby’s nursing rhythm—designed for faster let-down and milk flow.

An email that i saved and recycled many times when I encounter Mommies with dilemma on which Breastpump to purchase. As I type now, my Medela-PIS is seconded to my sister, Ida a.k.a Mama Ilyas, who is now warded at HUSM, Kubang Kerian, waiting for Wed 1st C-sect :) Yeaaa ! We are getting another Demitians.

From: me
Date: Tue Jun 22, 2004 9:28 am
Subject: Re:PIS(was BF after going back to work)

Hi xxxxxx,This is me ... i saved this email which I sent many moons back to some members about my Medela PIS experience. jjjjj is another long time user of PIS. Hope you can benefit from this ...


I am me, a full-time-working mother of 4 sons aged 8yrs to 1yo.
I bought my Medela PIS back in 1996 when I was on oversea assignment.
It cost us USD178 with the 2.8 currency rate at that time. Have been using it for all my 4 sons, plus lend it to my sisters and friends.

I read in the internet that PIS is supposed to be a single user-no-sharing ... but then ... rules are made to be broken (?).

I have nothing but positive experiences with my Medela PIS. The price is on the high end compared to other brand, but Medela PIS have proven track record in terms of quality and reliability. Alhamdullilah, it never fail me in all my 7 years, and InsyaAllah (God Willing)it will serve me for more of my children in the future.

Having said that, I am not saying that Medela PIS is the best pump in the world as I am aware that other mothers who have been using other method of pumping, hand express, Avent Isis, AMEDA Lactaline etc.

I am saying that Medela PIS have been the best breast pump for me since my body react positively to Medela PIS's mechanism. My husband have high regard towards my PIS. If we have to travel by air, he always insist we handcarry PIS, if we travel by car, he will susun the Medela PIS in the front seat. He never allow the PIS to be at the back seat with the kids ...

What I like about Medela PIS :
> double pump, save my time since I can simultaneously pump both side of my breast, cut down by pumping time esp since I am working this is a big plus
> quality and reliability proven : 7 years and no breakdown (insyaALLAH will not break down)
> portability all in a pack, ever-ready-to-go : got bottle compartment, pump compartment, accessories compartment. there is no need to take-out the pump thus minimize movement, reduce chances of dropping the pump and i believe this keep my pump alive and working until now.
> have 3 suction speed (the new one comes with 5 speeds) : you can vary the suctioning to adopt to your pumping sessions
> the horn and neck is in 1 piece, less thing to assemble, easier and faster to setup
> efficient suctioning, I can fully empty my breast after each 5-7 min of pumping and as you know one of the success factor of optimizing your breast supply is to ensure your breasts are fully empty after feeding/pumping so they can produce more for the next round. I have also started to stimulate, ie using Medela PIS, my breast 7-day post partum to get more milk faster.
> option for you to either do double-pump or single-pump. if you want to do single-pump, simply close one of the valve> the pump work with any bottle, so i can use any-brand bottle and not only Medela
> all my 7 years using Medela PIS, I have not have any need to change any parts due to failure or breaking.I change the tube once, but that was due to my handling problem.
> I can pump while sitting at the passenger seat or driving or working on my End User Computing Devices i.e. Computer, PDA ke etc yang sewaktu dengannya.

What I do not like about Medela PIS :
> the horn can be a bit hard on your breast, i wish i can get the Avent softer patel to be fitted into my Medela horn, read in another pumping egroup that this is possible
> the mechanism of suctioning is by pulling your nipple so not a very nice sight to see your nipple kena suck thru' the horn; workaround don't look at your nipple during pumping sessions
> a bit bulky to bring to and fro work together with the laptop etc - i have given up using a handbag , mine is the 1st generation model with a black square look like laptop bag; the new one come with a backpack so a bit more stylish> got some noise, mine is 7 yr old machine, so i think i can accept a little bit of noise. havn't tried servicing it - may be can reduce the noise. afterall if your car is more then 5yo pun you need to do major servicing.
> due to the slight noise, i have never been successfull to pump and at the same time nurse my son. too much distraction for my ever-so-sensitive baby.

good luck ! -me Posted by Picasa


angah said...

I use the same equipment and it helps me tremendeously :))

ninuk said...

Angah : hmmm as they say .. great moms great mind think alike :)

aaferasan kah kita .tq for dropping by.

ummuhanis said...

Guess what? i am using it while i am typing this line. hehe. I do this everyday to save time..multitasking, but hopefully not hypertasking...:) eh ninuk, is it ok for me to write, am i one of your friend? - ummuhanis aka tripletummi

ninuk said...

Tripletmummy - yes of course you are my friend - virtual, amazing friend. betul kan ... memang handy dandy this Medela PIS. and yes you are very right - avoid hypertasking while multitasking.