Friday, July 27, 2007

Anugerah buat Ayah dan Ibu

3 years ago, Ms Melopong, a virtual friend, asked if she can compile one of my write-up to UKS egroup that i wrote during my 4th pregnancy. So I email-ed her my entry and forgot all about it.

After a few months, she sent me an email informing of the book "Anugerah buat Ayah dan Ibu" is out and apparently my write-up is worth an entry.

I am A WRITER OF AN ARTICLE IN A BOOK ... not a full-pledge writer of a book.

So you my friends ... go buy the book in support of yours truly a new budding writer :)

You can get it from the UKS shop or SMART bookshop and the publisher is PTS Millenia.

To add topping to the ice-cream, I love receiving the cheque every now and then.

Although the amount is barely enough for 2 weeks ration of Kelisa fuel. I am excited still :)

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Nazrah said...

boleh buat beli esteler kan?