Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Red tagged ! -not so lah

Update May 5th 2008:

1) A friend from Kajang confirm that Mydin kajang doesn not have the red tag as of Friday 4th.
2) My own encounter at MyMydin near my house ...
Last night I did my grocery at MyMydin near my house. Tawaf 2,3 kali
MyMydin tapi tak de satu pun red tag. At the payment counter I asked
the cashier - apasal tak de red tag.
His answer was quite logical ...
Cashier Boy : Alaa Kak, tu semua rethoric je.
Me : Rethoric tu apa ?
Cashier Boy : Macam gimmik je. Kalau betul nak boikot, taukey tu ntar
je lah terus barangan balik kat supplier.
Me : Betul gak tu. Kut dalam kontrak ada ayat yg tak bagi buat macam tu kut.
Cashier Boy : Kak, company saya ni bukan company kecik. Kalau dia nak
buat boleh aja. Saya dah lama kerja bidang ni Kak.
Me : Pandai lah awak ni.

Hmmm ... a view from inside ...

Thumbs up to Mydin !
I guess we all need to rush to Mydin for a quick lesson on what brand got the "Red" tag.

On a lighter note : i hope buah durian belanda will not be "red" tagged.

Tuesday April 1, 2008
Mydin stores mark protest against anti-Islam film
SUBANG JAYA: All Mydin stores nationwide have placed red labels on products from the Netherlands as a sign of protest over the release of the controversial anti-Islam film Fitna.

Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd managing director Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin said they have put up notices in their two hypermarkets and 24 emporiums nationwide as a step to urge shoppers not to purchase the products.

Dutch legislator Geert Wilders released the 15-minute film on the Internet on Thursday.

Red sticker day: Shahrir on a tour of Mydin Hypermarket in USJ, Subang Jaya, after he launched “Product Malaysia Citarasa Kita” promotion Monday. Inset — the notice to inform customers which products are from the Netherlands.

“We have put up red labels with the words ‘Product from the Netherlands’ on the shelves and posters have been pasted around the mall and cashier counters to urge shoppers not to buy the products.

“This will give customers a choice to shop for other products, especially local products.

“One need not be a Muslim to refrain from purchasing the products, as nobody has the right to condemn any religion – it is time to show how united we are.

“Anyway, there are many other products to choose from, and people need not worry,” Ameer said in his speech before Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad launched the Product Malaysia Citarasa Kita promotion at the Mydin Hypermarket in USJ here yesterday.

He added that they were, however, unable to remove the products from the shelves as consumers had the right to make their own choice.

Shahrir commended Mydin and Ameer for speaking up and placing the labels to discourage people from purchasing products from the Netherlands.

He said usually businessmen preferred to stay neutral when it came to such issues.

“But I am surprised with the speech by Ameer and the willingness of Mydin to place the labels to show their dissatisfaction over Wilders’ act.

“We are not angry with the Netherlands Government but with Wilders’ act, which has created anger among the Muslims,” he said, adding that there was no official boycott of Dutch products.

Shahrir said even companies in the Netherlands had said that they would take legal action against Wilders if their businesses were affected.

“And since their businesses are now affected, I hope legal action will be taken,” he added.

“With the move, consumers will have a choice of products that can compete with foreign products,” he added.


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terernya budak tu. i pun tak tau rhetoric tu apa.

over here they do tag products from denmark (dulu punya ceritalah) for sometime. now tak ada dah.

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